Our Footprint

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On behalf of the community, Mitchell Road Antique & Design Centre has been a long-standing ambassador in the prevention of our history becoming landfill. For eight years, they have provided a home for pre-loved vintage goods, everything from buttons to motorcycles, until they are welcomed into the loving arms of their new protector.

The Living Planet Report, 2014, has found that humanity’s demand on nature has dramatically exceeded what our planet can replenish. To provide for the amount of ecological services we currently use today, we would need the regenerative capacity of 1.5 earths. The City of Sydney’s 2030 vision, of working towards a sustainable future, is being prominently practiced by the Centre and by raising awareness around reducing waste, together, they are working towards this goal. Every ecological footprint counts.

We’re dedicated to recycling pre-loved goods and protecting our history from ending up in landfill. You too, can make a difference. Swing by today and we’ll show you how!